Switch Between Keyboard Languages on Windows and Android

Scriptia.net wants to help you with everyday tasks and simplify your life. If you already have several keyboard models installed, you will be interested to know how to change from one to another (or prevent Windows from going from one to another without your intervention).

If our system already has several keyboard / language configurations installed, we will see icons that allow us to change languages near the bottom right corner of the screen.

By clicking on the keyboard icon -only appears if we have installed several configurations for the active language- we can choose the layout we want to use.

If what we want is to alternate between several installed languages, we will click on the language code (“ES” if we are using a keyboard in Spanish).

Look carefully at that last option: if you select «Show language bar», this will be what you see at the top of your monitor:

Obviously, it will also allow you to toggle between installed languages and keyboard layouts.

Involuntary Changes

By default, Windows incorporates a couple of keyboard shortcuts to toggle between languages. Unfortunately, they tend to be more of a nuisance than a help. To deactivate them or configure them to your liking, follow these steps:

  1. Open the control panel.
  2. Select «Regional, language, date and time options».
  3. Choose «Add other languages» (!).
  4. Press the «Details» button.
  5. In the «Preferences» section, press «Key settings». We will have reached this dialog box:
  6. Under “Access keys …”, select the action / sequence pair you want to modify and press “Change key sequence”.
  7. Set to your liking and press «OK». Continue pressing “OK” until all dialog boxes are closed.

How to put another language on the keyboard of the mobile on iOS and Android?

It is increasingly common to put another language on the keyboard of the mobile phone in addition to that comes by default in the terminal according to the country in which we find ourselves. Whether it is because we live in an area in which there are two or more official languages and we use them interchangeably, because we have friends of different nationalities or for any other reason. What is certain is that we’re becoming more cosmopolitan, and many people express themselves in more than one language on a regular basis. Faced with this evidence both iOS as Android give you the possibility of putting other language on the keyboard of the mobile phone without much difficulty.

In the case of the iPhone the way to add a second language to the keyboard is the same in all models. By contrast, in Android, we find the possibility of using several different keyboards , and each one of them incorporates a different way to include a language in it. In this post we will tell you how to put another language in the four keyboards most popular of Android: Google GBoard, Swiftkey, Swype and Flesky.

How to put another language on the keyboard of the iPhone?

To put another language on the keyboard of the mobile phone is very simple on iOS devices. Para add a new language to your keyboard, you simply have to:

  • Open the application in which you want to add a new keyboard, for example WhatsApp.
  • Now tap and hold the keyboard icon of the emojis or the ball of the world: orglobe icon
  • A floating window appears. Tap on “Settings“.
  • Here you’ll have access to customize your keyboard. You can add as many languages you want.
  • To change a keyboard in the other you only have to press again on the key of the emojis or the ball.

The change from one language to another it will also change the dictionary used for the automatic correction as well as the arrangement of letters and the number of these in order to adapt it completely to the corresponding language.

How to put another language on the keyboard of the Android mobile?

As we said at the beginning of the post, in Android it is common to use different types of keyboard depending on the preferences of the users. Below, you will find how to put another language on the keyboard of the mobile phone according to the you to use in your device.

To put another language on the keyboard GBoard

GBoard is the default keyboard of Android that features in the majority of devices that use its operating system. Therefore, we begin by explaining how to add a second language, or how many you want, in this keyboard:

  • The first will be to select the languages you want to use. To do this go to: “Settings” > “Language & input” > “Language” > “Add language“.
  • Download all the languages you want to use in your mobile.
  • Now, from the tab “Language & input” go to: “GBoard” > “Languages” and check the languages you want to use on the keyboard.

In addition, you have the possibility to activate a key to be able to easily switch from one keyboard to another. To do this, from the preferences activates the function “Display key to change language“. Now will appear a new icon, a circle of the world. Only with clicking it you can change the language the keyboard. We recommend that you activate also the function “Suggestions multilingual“. This will cause the keyboard to know which language we are typing it in each time and change the language of the suggestions. Turn this feature on: “GBoard” > “text Correction“.

How to put another language on the keyboard Swiftkey?

The operation of this keyboard, also widely used by Android users, is very similar to the GBoard. So, the first thing to do to put another language on the keyboard of the mobile phone is to add the languages you want:

  • From “Language & input” go to “Swiftkey Keyboard” > “Language” > “All languages“.
  • Download the languages you want.
  • Now, you’ll have to activate them in the menu.

Once you have incorporated the different languages that we want in our keyboard, he himself will automatically detect what language we are writing to give us suggestions and manage the checker. In addition, if you hold down the spacebar, you will have option of changing from one keyboard to another although, as we have said, as soon as you start to write in another language, the keyboard will detect it without the need of passing from one to another.

Add languages to Swype keyboard

The operation of the Swype keyboard is different to that of the previous. This keyboard does not automatically detects the language in which we are writing with three or more languages, but if it allows to have the keyboard with a single language, or with two simultaneous. In the case of having downloaded three languages you’ll be able to make combinations between them two at a time to recognize when you start typing in one of them.

To add languages to the Swype keyboard you have to go to:

  • Language and introduction” > “Swype” > “Dragon” > “sidebar Menu” > “Languages“.
  • Here download the languages you want to the keyboard.
  • Once you have them installed, to toggle the keyboard between the language selected, press and hold down the spacebar and select the two that you want to use it at that time.

Put a new language on the keyboard Flesky

Finally we are going to talk about the keyboard Flesky. If you are one of many makes use of it, to add new languages just:

  • From “Language & input” enter: “Flesky” > “sidebar Menu” > “Languages” and download the languages you want.
  • You will see that some languages are in beta but the others work perfectly.
  • To change from one language to another on the keyboard you swipe the space bar to one side. Another option is to press and hold the icon for emoji on the keyboard and select the language you want to use at that time.